1st step : download the application on your mobile phone, from “Play Store” or from where you usually download your applications for mobile;


2nd step: search and install the application “All Arabic English Dictionary” (i search for this name, and one of the results retrieved was this one) ;


3. type the word you are looking for, in arabic (i have installed the keyboard in arabic as well)



once you wrote the word, you will see the translation below

this application has multiple dictionaries included, you so may choose between them:  in below print screen the result is from “Almaany dictionary” , and you have also the option to check how the word is pronounced in Arabic (select the “listen” symbol from the right side)


from the task bar you can move between the dictionaries;  below print screen is using the “WordRef” (1st option below) and has also the word written with diacritics (vowels)


in case you are not sure of the word meaning in Arabic/English, you can double check with an image 😉

for example: the word i searched for “تلفاز” (TV, television) ; you can see above the meaning of the word in English, the pronunciation option, the word with diacritics and below is image 🙂


* arabic TV channels online : http://arabicfomny.com/tv.aspx?r=53