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„UN Youth Moot Courts 2012 – Justice on international level!„

a project whose main focus is the simulation of juridical procedure in front of four main courts: International Court of Justice, The European Court of Human Rights, The Court of Justice of the European Union and The International Criminal Court.

This event represents one of the most important activities enrolled by the association and has the objective of giving the participants the chance of putting in practice their knowledge of international law, EU law and human rights law.

Who can apply?

The event is open to European students who have completed at least two years of law courses. However, in the case of the European Court of Justice, considering the philosophical approach of the human rights, we accept applications from students who have studied political sciences, philosophy, international relations or have another level of Human Rights knowledge, (but only for the lawyer position). The association encourages both Romanian and foreign students to participate at this series of simulations.

Registrations are open for roles of lawyers, judges and representatives of the European Commission. The event will take place between the 7th and the 9th of December 2012.

Participants will have the status of government agents (lawyers) or judges and will have to plead or judge in each court correspondently.

How to apply?

Send us a resume and a letter of intent explaining the reasons you chose to participate in the simulations and the option you made at mootcourts2012@unyouth.ro .

You can apply for ICJ, ECHR, CJEU or ICC. Each application is individual but the lawyers will be paired up and if you choose to work with someone in particularly you can mention him/ her in your application.

Conference fee:  Early registration (from the 25th October until the 10th of November):

  • – 15 euros without housing
  • – 35 euros with housing

Why should I apply?

It’s a good opportunity to practice your lawyer/ judge skills, to learn new and interesting information, to practice law at a new level. Also, the winners will be rewarded for their activity, receiving prizes from our sponsors!

NEW! After the opening, the participants will attend a public speaking workshop that will help them prepare for their court simulations.

In order to help the participants improve their abilities, a feedback will be provided from the Court Coordinator that will be assessing their performances during the event.

What conditions should I meet?

The trials for ICC, ICJ and ECHR will be held in English and the trials for CJEU will be held in Romanian.

We accept applications from the students who are studying/ have studied:

  • – International Public Law for ICJ
  • – International Relations, Law, and Political Sciences, or have another level of Human Rights knowledge, for ECHR
  • – European Union Law for CJEU
  • – Criminal law for ICC

For further information follow us at http://bismun.ro/Moot%20Courts%202012/index.html or contact us at mootcourts2012@unyouth.ro.